About Laytec

Laytec, a privately owned Canadian corporation was established in 1986 as an artwork and electronic design company. In the mid 1990's, amid rising customer demand for working prototypes we moved into a 5000 sq.ft. industrial facility, where we added contract manufacturing to our services. By 2001 we had outgrown our facility and we built our own custom designed 22,000 sq.ft high-tech manufacturing plant. Since then, we have steadily invested in automation, and have worked to streamline all aspects of our production process.

We operate four high speed surface mount lines with a total capacity of well over 1 million placements per day. We also operate several robotic selective soldering machines and two high speed wave soldering machines for working with through-hole components. Our shipping and receiving facility uses computerized vertical storage carousels and is fully integrated with our inventory control system and automated procurement software.

Laytec has provided services for a diverse set of industries. Having experience with manufacturing electronics for use in high risk functions has given us the ability and confidence to ensure that our products are reliable and conforming.

Laytec focuses on building long term relationships with customers by providing quality services, delivering products on time and defect-free. By constantly upgrading our equipment and improving production methods, and by being responsive to customer feedback, we are able to maintain our high quality standards.

Below is a list of some of our major equipments:
Type Quantity Manufacturer
ACM Pick & Place 5 Assembleon
MG-IR Pick & Place 1 Assembleon
AQ-2 Pick and Place 1 Assembleon
FCM Chip Shooter 4 Assembleon
MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI Machine 1 Mirtec
Vision & X-Ray 2000 AOI Machine 1 Photon Dynamics
70T X-Ray Inspection Machine 1 Glenbrook Technologies
Delta Wave Soldering Machine 2 Vitronics-Soltec
XPM2 Reflow Oven 1 Vitronics-Soltec
MPM Momentum Stencil Printer 2 Speedline Technologies
MPM Excel Stencil Printer 2 Speedline Technologies
Jade Handex Selective Soldering Machine 2 Pillarhouse International
Automatic Stencil Cleaner 1 Austin American
ML-Z9500A 3D Laser Barcode marker 1 Keyence
Legend 36EXT Laser cutter/engraver 1 Epilog
Rotomat Vertical Storage Carousel 2 Hanel
CS 9050 Wire Processor 2 Schleuniger Group
PCD 4 Robotic Dispenser 2 GPD Global
Picture of our Assembleon AQ pick and place machine Picture of our Assembleon MG pick and place machine Picture of our MPM stencil printing machine Picture of our XRAY equipment Picture of our Assembleon ACM pick and place machine Picture of our Vitronics wave soldering machine Picture of our high speed SMD line